Ashtanga yoga simply means eight limbs of yoga which comprises of Yama, Niyama, Asana , Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharna, Dhyana and Samadhi. We practice and teach in the lineage of Sri. T.k.v Krishnamacharya, Shri. K.Pattabhi Jois and our Guru Shri. R. Sharath Jois. Our philosophy is rooted in Guru Shishya parampara following which we impart the Knowledge to our students the way we learn at kpjayi, Mysore. The practice as taught by Guruji K. pattabhi jois emphasizes on below aspects as main components of ashtanga yoga. vinyasa : coordination of correct breath and movement tristhana : breath, asana and drishti The practice is taught in a slow manner step by step to avoid any injuries and better learning process which is accessible to everyone. This method allows each student to build their own practice at their pace.



Ajay Tokas

Ajay Tokas is a direct student of Guruji R. Sharath Jois and a level 2 authorised teacher. He is currently learning the fourth series of Ashtanga Yoga under the guidance of his Guru. More information on Ajay's schedule and teaching at


Olga Lushkova

Olga had her first class of Ashtanga yoga in October 2010 and since then she has been devoted to this practise. She made her first trip to Mysore in January 2013 and started learning under the guidance of Shri R. Sharath Jois. Olga is an authorised Level 2 teacher and teaching since mid 2013 in Delhi, Russia and Europe. Olga firmly believes in Ashtanga yoga as a unique & complete practise for self development.


Mysore style class is the best way to start learning this beautiful practice and slowly opening your body to the basic principle of breath , drishti , bandhas  and later incorporating all into the practice with asanas. Teachers work one on one in these classes understanding the need of the student and offering them what’s best for their individual practice. Hands on adjustments are given where needed.   


Mysore style :
Tuesday to Friday from 06:00 – 09:00 am

Led class
Saturday : 07:00 – 08:30 am


Guided full primary series in traditional Sanskrit count is the best way for a student to learn correct vinyasas and same can be used further in Mysore style practice.
Sundays and Moondays are holidays.

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